Accelerators Galore

Where does the time go? Rhetorical, it’s actually pretty easy to be aware of. We’ve been in heads-down work mode grinding the past few months to bear some juicy fruits of our labor.

First things first, we’re not launching in Q1. We’re targeting Q2 to make sure we hit the right product market fit.

Secondly, we’ve been growing within multiple accelerators! (Optional applause). We’ve been in the BASE program for a few months now, but we’ve also recently been accepted into the Founded In Philly Series I accelerator by Philly Startup Leaders. (More applause, if you choose, totally up to you).

We’re about to make some major moves with our planned launch in the coming months and we’re excited to share what we’ve been working on with you. It’s been far too long that you’ve been paying people instantly but have to wait to get your money back in your account when you refund.

We’ll be hard at work until we launch, so check out our insta in the meantime. See you soon 🙂

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