It’s amazing how the paths you begin and end on aren’t always the same. Some might say that’s the spice of life. What started out as a journey to help the underbanked manifested initially as a p2p transfer app, then an eComm refund expedition service, to now being a full-fledged insurance claim payment processor. Wow! […]

Accelerators Galore

Where does the time go? Rhetorical, it’s actually pretty easy to be aware of. We’ve been in heads-down work mode grinding the past few months to bear some juicy fruits of our labor. First things first, we’re not launching in Q1. We’re targeting Q2 to make sure we hit the right product market fit. Secondly, […]

Key Partnerships & Engineering

Great news; we’ve secured our first merchant partnerships! Our team of 4 has been hard at work to align all of the business and engineering requirements that SnapRefund necessitates to get running. Creating a product is like conducting an orchestra. You have artists, conductors, and (hopefully) an audience eager to hear the soft melodies. When […]

First Post: naming things is hard

Welcome, everyone! This is our first official blog post as SnapRefund. We had a fun time choosing between Refund and RefundS. It was a close call, but we chose the singular version (clearly). Now, we’re ready to change the refund process. Since consumers are charged instantly for a purchase, consumers should also be refunded instantly […]

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