Platform Updates

v1.3.0 Release

Hello and good morning friends!

This new release has lots of powerful fintech goodness waiting for you to enjoy!

Here’s what’s changed:

  • Security updates
  • We’ve added a document upload flow for users whom we need to collect additional KYC details from
  • Payment statuses have been upgraded to precisely track the settlement of funds even after they leave the SnapRefund ecosystem. Now when you send payments you’ll see the status update in real time as your funds move through the banking system (for ACH payments) or card networks (for Instant payments)
EventPayment sent within SnapRefund.ioSender cancels payment before cash outRecipient cashes outTransaction completed in banking systemTransaction failed in banking systemTransaction cancelled in banking system
  • Our friendly neighborhood “Payment sent” modal that shows after resending a payment from Transaction History now also displays after sending a payment for the first time from the Send Payment tab
  • Unverified business and personal users are now redirected to Banks & Cards after sign up
Platform Updates

🚀 v1.2.0 Release 🚀

Our latest release features powerful UX and Security upgrades. 💪🏼

We now have full coverage of all US banks!!

If you’re one of our users who connects a bank to your account, you’re now able to connect ANY bank in the US.

That’s a lot of banks!

This is thanks to our new micro-deposit flow.

When you don’t want to use the instant login feature to connect your bank you can now manually verify your bank details instead.

It’s simple: navigate to your Banks & Cards tab, click “Add New Bank”, and type “micro” or “manual” in the bank search bar.

From there you’ll see a place to enter your routing & account numbers.

After you do, we’ll send two micro deposits to your bank account.

Once you receive them, you’ll come back to the Banks & Cards tab and click on the “unverified” tag on the bank you added and enter the two deposit amounts.

🎉Congrats, you just connected your bank without logging into it. Well done!

Here are a few of the new features live now on

– 🔒 Auto logouts after 5 minutes of inactivity on both desktop and mobile (Thanks for your feedback on our LinkedIn Poll! 📊)
– 🏛️Micro Deposits allow you to manually connect & verify any bank account in the US
– 📏 Password minimum length for new accounts is now 7 instead of 12 for greater ease of use (We heard you 🖤)

Sign up for free today on and start sending & receiving your money faster and easier than ever.

Full Release Notes

  • Full coverage of all US banks with the Micro Deposit flow that allows users to manually enter their bank info and verify the amount of two small deposits
  • Auto logout occurs after 5 minutes of inactivity on both Desktop & Mobile
  • The minimum required password length for new accounts has been decreased to 7 characters
  • Padding added to the bottom of pages app-wide for better UI
  • Payments sent to new users that are cancelled before the user completes sign up now correctly show up in the recipient’s transaction history after onboarding
  • Updates to the Business Name entry field on sign-up page to clearly communicate not to enter a value for that field if the user doesn’t have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for their business
Platform Updates

🚀 v1.1.0 Release 🚀

Another release, another slew of awesome updates!🔥

Check below to see what’s changed with the latest release to

  • In-transit payments can now be cancelled and/or resent
  • A dialog shows on Send Payment tab prompting to add a bank account or manage wallet when you don’t have either a bank account on file or a non-zero wallet balance
  • Business names instead of user first/last name show up in Transaction History and Pending Payments tabs for payments from business users
  • Showing profile pics in notifications tray
  • Hamburger menu now dismisses when clicking outside of its bounds
  • Profile photo uploads now update immediately
  • App version number displays in the bottom right hand corner of the settings page
  • Terms of Service updated with language for personal verified users